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(53) - I have been neglecting you.
House - scowl
I think I'll just start cross-posting some stuff from FA here because those that watch here but not there will never know what the hell's going on in my head otherwise.
Nearly half of US meat is contaminated with antibiotic resistant staph.,0,7997782.story
Yum yum, enjoy your infectious superbugs.

52 - Garlic-Broccoli-Mushroom...Food...Recipe
Micah - grin
So, this is a really informal recipe because I don't ever measure anything. Too lazy.
And if this is confusing...well. I'm sorry. Thinking recipes through is always a little difficult for me, because I cook and season things completely haphazardly unless baking. Plus, I've been baking, eh eh? Yeah, okay, stoner jokes aren't predictable at all.
So, here we go!

What you need
1-2 cups broccoli florets (frozen or fresh)
1-2 cups mushrooms (I used sliced portobellos)
2-5 chopped garlic cloves* (I used 5 because I needed vampire protection)
1/4-1/2 cup chopped onion (white or green, depending on personal preference)
olive oil
soy sauce

1. Cover the bottom of a large skillet (pan?) with olive oil, add and stir in garlic and onions, set to medium heat. Cook until garlic starts to brown, stirring often to keep cooking even.
2. Once the garlic is browning, add broccoli. Stir to coat with oil. Cook for ~5 minutes (until broccoli starts to really soak up the oil) and then add mushrooms. Stir well to coat with oil (I usually have to add a little more at this point) and add a bit of soy sauce if you want. Amount really depends on how much you like soy sauce.
3. Cook for another 5-7 minutes, stirring often to make sure everything cooks evenly. The mushrooms should brown a bit and soak up the garlic flavor. Add salt+pepper to taste. (or garlic salt if you also need vampire protection but didn't add enough in the beginning. That will teach you.)

I usually toss this with quinoa, but it also goes well with whole wheat pasta or just as its own side (use less oil if you're doing that, though). I've also added Gardein fake chicken (this kind: which can be found at Target!) after cooking it in the skillet with everything else...which is fucking delicious.

So, uh. Enjoy. :D

*Cloves are the sections inside the bulbs, right? Because not 2-5 bulbs of garlic, eeugh.

51 - Geoffrey is creepy.
Gary Oldman - creeper
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50 - His name might be Osco
10 - I can see that!
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49 - why do you build me up just to let me down?
Nate - disappointed

48 - Petya is displeased
Micah - skeptical
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Getting better with front-facing pictures. Practice practice practice.
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47 - I am very uncomfortable.
Micah - ARARAR
So, does anyone else here know what the active ingredient is in every single antiperspirant on Wal-Mart shelves? Because I didn't know this until somewhat recently, but when I found out, I got a little concerned.
The active ingredient is aluminum, in various forms and compounds and solutions. Just a little googling reveals that it has potential to do all sorts of harm, if tests are accurate. And, even if they aren't, who knows what kinds of things aluminum might be doing to your body...?
So, long story short, I'm trying an aluminum-free deodorant. I made the mistake of getting the "roll-on" one. It takes forever to dry.
I am so uncomfortable, I have to sit here flapping my damn arms like a fucking chicken. I look like a complete fool. My SO finds it hilarious.

Seriously, though? Aluminum? Who thought that was a good idea?

46 - Protect and Serve
Tilda Swinton - stare
Does this sound like thug cops chased a poor kid for being afraid of thug cups, then shot him?
No mace, no taser, not even a non-lethal shot to the leg or shoulder. Shoot to kill and nevermind actually proving he was reaching for a gun, fellas, just do your duty you brave, brave officers.
Considering this happened about a mile from my home, and what I know of the police and people around here, I would believe in an instant that the weapon they found was planted. Just going to throw that out there right now.
Oh, our society is fubar.

45 - Exploring morality through debate/discussion...
Hunter S. Thompson
ITT: copypasta
Specifically, this is a snippet from a discussion with Paul about my personal beliefs/morality with regards to animal rights. I wanted to save it to examine in more detail later. If anyone has commentary they wish to add, please do so! I'm always open to moral/mental sparring (even to/from a devil's advocate position).

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44 - Sketch of the Day #1
Micah - grin
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I'm going to try to do a sketch a day for at least 30 days. Caveat being, I have to like the sketch enough to post it here for it to count.
Let's see how long this lasts, shall we?


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